Hall Effect sensor tester

A simple device to test the Hall Effect sensor in some 1984 through 2006 VW, Audi, BMW, Volvo and Saab vehicles.  I've constructed this for the 2.1L water-cooled VW Vanagon owners specifically and the plug only fits that distributor.  This is a great troubleshooting tool for when your van stops unexpectedly... it positively diagnosis the Hall sensor as to whether it is operational or not. I currently have 4 of these available at $80USD each.  Send me, Dan Houg, an email to if you'd like to purchase one, I'll send it out USPS Priority Mail with tracking within the United States. International orders will be more expensive, contact me for an estimate.

Hall sensor tester instructions.pdf

This tester checks the Hall Effect sensor in the VW distributor for proper operation.  It can be used on the vehicle or to check spare distributors on the bench.  It is self-powered with the contained 9v battery and requires no other connection to power or a vehicle nor does it require the cap, rotor, nor spark plug wires be removed.  It can also be used to set the static ignition timing on a non-running vehicle to get close enough for the engine to run.  Download the instructions above.